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Why LegalMatch Works for Me

Over 10 years of being in private practice there have been only 2 consistent sources for new leads, personal/professional referrals and LegalMatch. Hands down there is nothing better than getting a referral from a past client, professional colleague, or friend, however, LegalMatch has come close to becoming that new lead referral source. While other “marketing” or “referral services” promise to bring you leads, only LegalMatch puts you in control selecting the leads that you want.

I have spent a lot of money over the years working with various websites that make me their featured attorney for their site in my area. What I found was I was paying for leads that may not come to fruition. I might find that the person called wanting “free” legal advice. Worse, sometimes I would get the kind of client that wants to take down the government, the world, and their mother, and wanted me to do it for free. Continue reading